My Favorite People and Websites

These are people or sites I enjoy for inspiration, funnies, and visual therapy.

I started doing this alphabetically, but that required organization and effort I didn’t want to put forth. If you are my friend and your name is not listed, please don’t be hurt. My mind can only process so much information and frankly, creative energy like mine has a short — I need to wash dishes.

I’ll send you cake to make up for it. Or money. Or a pony. Just kidding. You’ll get nothing and you’ll thank me for it. If you’d like to be added to the list, give me a subtle hint in the comment section. I’m not opposed to bribery. Please know if I list you, you are expected to be funny, informative, or something no one has ever thought of. Like a mongoose-hunting chinchilla.

If you are listed, do not want the pressure of being affiliated with me, and would prefer to be removed… too bad.


The Bloggess, everyone should know her.

Hyperbole and a Half

Boy Sees Hearts

The Nervous Breakdown

Dear Sugar Articles at The Rumpus

Alexandra Shostak, Rock. Star.

Anna Lefler, Mustached and proud of it

Anne Riley, College Roommate

Elisabeth Black, Writer Poet and awesome person, Harley May approved

CKHB, Lawyer. I like lawyers

Mason Ian Bundschuh, Sci-fi writer and 1/3 of the rock band Atlas Takes Aim. Super nice and awesome.

Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Sweet. With. Teeth. One of the kindest and strongest women I’ve ever met. And I brought a sword to our first meeting.

SayCaity, Baker and Mother of Five. How she does that without needing a padded room, I know not.


Need shoes? Spectacular and awesome shoes? Go here, to KHENRI.

Karen Hooper, Neighbor

Medeia Sharif is the best there is.

Linda Grimes, Total Babe. I want to snuggle her.

Your Mom

Trisha, like Madonna, only needs one name.

Marcus Speh, Nothing to Flawnt, Another comma explaining nothing about his mystery, only that he is a mystery, comma.

Sheldon Lee Compton, A man so nice, he gets the blog love twice (Bent Country and A-Minor Magazine).  Dreamy.

Patty Blount, Works for Chocolate

Jamey Stegmaier, Loves his cat

Julia Archer, Writes to annoy you

Jonathan Danz, A writer and white water rafter. Say that three times fast.

Simon Larter, may or may not need an intervention.

Rob Kroese, Author of the Mercury Falls series and founder of the Mattress Police. This isn’t to be confused with pornography.

Patrick Alan, Space Lord

Tawna Fenske is the funniest woman I know and am thrilled to call her friend. Great rack!

Eisley Jacobs will be your friend.

The Chewster is a dog. Literally.

Stacey I. Graham, Zombie writer and granola maker to the Ermas

Jason Tudor, Burley Awesome Sauce, Artist

Jen Stayrook constantly has me in stitches.

Corey Mesler has pith.

Sean Ferrell is smarter than everyone.*

*Except my mother


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