The Dirty Thirty

January 18, 2013 § 8 Comments

Here are thirty observations, thoughts, and suggestions I’ve collected and want to share. Some are stupid, some are not.

  1. The sweet potato French fries at The Rare Martini in Birmingham, AL are all I will ever need in life. I want to put my face in them. If only the people sitting around me will avert their eyes. It isn’t lady like. (good thing I’m not a lady)
  2. Cat Pee. It permeates into everything and lasts with the longevity of something sulpheric from Mordor. I love my cat, but when he pees on a pile of clothes, I want to drop kick the jerk face.
  3. My mom is my most favorite person. So many people are afraid of becoming their mothers, but I’d sincerely consider it an honor if I turned out exactly like her. She’s taught me invaluable things about love, grace, and forgiveness.
  4. Men Cry. They do. Don’t let them ever tell you they don’t.
  5. I used to think being emotional and sensitive was a bad thing. It isn’t. I embrace and don’t let others make me feel bad for wearing my heart on…everything.
  6. Love with a vulnerability.
  7. No one makes ramyun better than a Korean on a mountain roadside. If you are ever in Korea and see a hut on the side of the road, GO. TO. THERE.
  8. There is little better than a warm hug from an old friend.
  9. The Starbucks off of Linebaugh and Anderson in Tampa, FL is one of my most favorite places in the world. Not because I super duper love Starbucks, but because I wrote novels there. And there’s a barista who looks like Jesus.
  10. I will follow Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams to the end of the world and back. They should make a baby.
  11. Eye crinkles are gorgeous. Endearing. To me, it means you spend all your time laughing.
  12. Shoes make me happy.
  13. I love the way art, music, and writing tear you apart and put you back together again.
  14. The South gets a bad rep. I mean, it isn’t perfect, but it’s full of beautiful things and intelligent people. As someone who’s lived all over the world, I love it dearly
  15. Pain makes people do and say horrible things. When we’re grieving and angry, sometimes it’s best just to be still and silent. Let it pass by.
  16. Books > Jewelry.
  17. Everything we buy here on earth is fire wood. We don’t take it with us when we go. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever buy high heels again, but, you know.
  18. Sandboxes, swing sets, and zip lines. I still enjoy them.
  19. We are all of us, broken people. Broken people with flawed lives and heart breaks. We’ll spend every day this side of heaven running into each other, and working our broken selves out.
  20. I love alcohol.
  21. There’s life and light on the other side nasty things.
  22. Everyone should go to Chinhae, South Korea for the Cherry Blossom festival. You will see the rows, canopies, and mountain sides COVERED in white petals. Eat a box of roasted bugs while you’re there.
  23. I love it when the sunrises. It’s like seeing hope return, watching the light chase away darkness.
  24. La Ideal sandwich shop behind Raymond James stadium in Tampa, FL makes the best Cuban sandwiches ever. If you disagree with me, I will happily initiate a slap fight with you.
  25. Legos hurt when you step on them. Like a lot.
  26.  Sex is hilarious. Everyone should lighten up about it.
  27. I kind of like how Halloween has become “National It’s Okay to Dress like a Slut Day.” Not saying I do it, just that it’s awesome and hilarious. Also, candy.
  28. Everyone should go to the Dunkin Donuts off of 7th Ave. in Birmingham, AL to experience the ray of sunshine that is the long haired girl working there. I mean, I’m a happy person, but she’s like “GOOD MORNING AND WELCOME TO DUNKIN DONUTS. WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING TODAY? WOULD YOU LIKE SOMETHING BAKED TO EAT? HUH? HUH? DO YA’? THANKS FOR COMING I LOVE YOU BYE BYE. HELLO AND WELCOME TO DUNKIN DONUTS…..”
  29. Bamboo sucks.
  30. My wine sweat brings all the boys to the yard.milkshakes

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§ 8 Responses to The Dirty Thirty

  • Jen Stayrook says:

    You are adorable and amazing. *whispers* …Can I keep you?

  • Jason Courson says:

    I love the list. I didn’t know you had traveled alot. I want to write a novel, beginning this year. I have a minor in creative writing, and I used to write alot. I would like to start a biweekly creative writing group. Would you like to be the first non-me member? My wife works with another woman Sharon, who is working on a novel,and she would definitely be into it.

    We could meet somewhere and pour over each others poems/rough drafts/manuscripts and rejoice at being writers and use literary terms, like “more wine please,” and “if you keep writing shit like this, you will amount to nothing!” But seriously, I would like to start a creative writing group. Any interest? What I mean by that, is do you have time for it?

    I am still doing standup and playing music. My Cajun band is playing Cantina on Tuesday, Feb 12th for a mardi gras celebration. Working on playing at Rogue Tavern on Feb 8th as well, if you feel like getting your AIIEEEE! on.

    Talk to you soon, Jason

  • says:

    Me gusta numero 21. Apologies for bad spanglish.

  • This is amazing. I’m trying to pick a favorite, but it’s too hard. All I know is that I want ramyum. And all of the other food you wrote about. I want all the delicious foods!

  • You have a wry and gentle intelligence. It’s fun to watch it at work and play.

  • Jules Archer says:

    I love this HM. So glorious. Can I be your friend? In real-real life not pretend? Seriously. I love #11, 16, and 20. You make me want to be a better person. No lie.

  • Ansley says:

    #22….so true. 번데기….not so much.

    And even better than ramyun on the side of a mountain? Mandu on the side of a mountain. With soju. Copious amounts of soju.

  • Penelope says:

    You are smart, beautiful, funny and insightful. I’m glad my path crossed with yours. Thank you for this excellent list.

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