Still Alive!

August 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Anne Riley does not get my laptop!

I survived boot camp. I did not pee my pants, but I almost puked.

Went strong for about 20 minutes, doing great to keep up with all the other boot campers, and was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to hurl.

Friends, the grass next to the stadium bleachers was spared my breakfast, but just barely. I started back up, but continued at my 75%. In the instructor’s words, I “hung in there like a champ!” She said that some didn’t finish, but I did.

I want to go back, to do better, to do all the drills at my 100% without stopping to hurl. Sweating is good. Getting sore is good. Being tough is good. Fall down? Get hurt? Rub some dirt in there, you’ll be alright.

Then go put on a crown and have a super girly tea party to counter the icky! Go team!

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