Discombobulated Pinterest Crack

June 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

I say that like I know what it’s like to be on Discombobulated Pinterest Crack. I don’t. This is just going to be really weird, random, happy, and sad. There’s a lot I’d like to share so I’ll be quick about it.

I’ve done standup a few more times and learned the following: 

1.) The right way to handle a heckler (and they weren’t even heckling – they were talking during another comic’s set). The comic made a joke about it, drew the loud talkers back in, and everybody laughed.

2.) The WRONG way to handle a heckler (again, not heckling the comic, just talking). If this young man said anything funny during his set, I don’t remember it. I only remember that he got angry, was rude and disrespectful.

3.) An audience full of other standup comedians will probably be my toughest audience. I went to an open mic just for other comics. No one laughed for the first three comedians, and I thought they were hilarious.  My guard? It went up. I got a few chuckles and am happy with that considering.

4.) I don’t love the environment. It’s safer to stay home with my family and write funny things after they go to bed. That’s all I want to say about that.

Moving on.

I saw this on Pinterest and want to do it. Hello Bucket List Item.

Another cool thing – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. This is in the backyard. For serious. We are thrilled and wow.

Two of my friends have some exciting news. Anne has a new agent and Trisha has a book coming out. I’m over the moon for both of them.  Here is Trisha’s cover. You may oooh and aaah and pet it.

Several short stories of mine will be published in the next few months. I am so thankful and don’t really know what to do with myself. It’s overwhelming.

All of these things are wonderful, but oddly muted in my life. They’ve become peripheral because of a few friend matters. I’ll talk about one of those friends now.

This friend is beautiful. She is a wife and mother of three. After battling breast cancer for the past five years, she discovered in the last three months that the cancer has moved several other places in her body. Every single day, she posts a status update on facebook, telling us how she’s been blessed that day. In between her chemo treatments, while propped up with pillows so she won’t go into coughing fits, when her back isn’t spasming, crippling her in pain, she tells the facebook world how she’s still thankful for little things. I think about her and know I’ve never had a day like that in my life. My suffering (or what I think is pain and suffering) is nothing and if I ever feel the need to complain, I should remember her. We all should. She’s incredible.

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