Geekout in the Clouds

March 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

A gorgeous example of an artist seeing something in their mind and making it come to life with amazing resources. Science + Art = Stunning. Go here to read the article.

Another great example of an artist going to extraordinary means. Instead of using paint and a brush, this girl kisses the canvas and I think it’s wonderful.

As a writer, it makes me wonder how far I would go to get something exactly the way I want it. There’s a huge element of self loathing involved in the process. You see something (whether it be art or writing a scene) in your mind and it doesn’t translate as literally in real life. Or with musicians, they hear a melody, a mood, or want their fingers to work a certain way, and when they can’t, it’s heart breaking. I’ve seen my mother, a pianists, do this.

But that’s part of the beauty. We, as artists, musicians, and writers, are only bringing half of the experience. Our readers, listeners, or watchers will interpret what we create with their own past and upbringing. We don’t have control over how our work will be perceived.

I know this though: art, in all it’s forms, should be a gift to the reader, listener, and viewer. There’s a place and a time for writing for yourself. That has importance. 

If you’re writing to publish, it should be a gift to your reader. Yes, write to your dream reader. Write a book you want to read, have a geekout in the clouds, but you’re only creating part of the experience. You’re reader? They’re bringing their imagination.

§ 4 Responses to Geekout in the Clouds

  • Jonathan says:

    But what if I’m my dream reader? Ooooooo, dream reader, I believe you can get me through the night….

    Seriously, I think that dream reader is what makes it so hard to let go sometimes because we want so badly for our dream reader to understand what it is we are trying to convey.

    Oh yeah, there are some gifts I’ve given that I’d like to have back.

    Nice post.

  • LindaG. says:

    So true. Art can’t exist in a vacuum. The creation isn’t complete until someone perceives it. 🙂

  • Anne Riley says:

    That cloud is the coolest thing ever!

  • I love these pics. So imaginative.

    I know what you mean…I have something in my head and I have to revise endlessly to get it right, and sometimes it’s still not the way I imagined.

    I’m going to go off and have a geekout in the clouds.

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