The Little Pilgrim Costume That Could

November 17, 2011 § 7 Comments

An email went out a few weeks ago from my daughter’s first grade teacher about “Pilgrim Day” explaining that the children would need to come to school dressed as pilgrims.

Great. I could do that.

Organized mother that I am (hahahahahahaha), I wrote the date down on my master calender thingy, and planned to make her pilgrim costume sometime the week of. When the night before Pilgrim Day arrived I, of course, had done nothing. 

No biggie. I’m a resourceful person and headed to the Sewing and Crafts section of WalMart. By 11:30 that night, I’d whipped up a pilgrim girl costume – albeit rather homemade looking – that would work. When I put it on my six-year-old the next morning, complete with construction paper bonnet and pigtail pilgrim braids, she looked adorable.

When I walked her into school the next morning, we saw this.

A lot of this. Professionall-made and polished, ordered from a costume store. I felt horribly inadequate.

I stared at my daughter in her recycled flannelgraph dress, reinforced on the underside with duct tape, and over-sized apron. She handed me her construction paper bonnet.

“I don’t think I want to wear this all day.”

“That’s fine,” I said, taking it from her.

She hugged me, scampered into class, smiling, uninhibited by her ridiculous mother, and I took a lesson from her attitude. If she doesn’t care, neither should I.

We’ve moved to this new school and the mothers always look super-cute and put together all the time. They’ve got boots and dangly earrings and they buy their pilgrim costumes from fancy places.

But she’s happy and when I picked her up after school, she didn’t want to take her costume off. 

I have so much to be thankful for. 

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and your pilgrim costumes hold up. Or something.

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§ 7 Responses to The Little Pilgrim Costume That Could

  • Karen Hooper says:

    Aww, I bet she looked adorable. At least her costume was made with love. Those kind are way better than store bought stuff. 🙂

    Also, MOVE BACK TO FL! I miss you.

  • Anne Riley says:

    Good for you! Aren’t you crafty and handy. I don’t know what I would do in that situation. Are they not allowed to be Indians anymore? I’m pretty sure I wore a pillowcase decorated as an Indian dress on that day when I was in school. Much easier than a pilgrim.

  • My mother used to make all my costumes too and my sisters and i always stood out – not just as wonky nativity angels but as having a caring crafty mother, not just one who has a bigger budget!

    Good on you.

  • Casey says:

    Um… so does that mean the mothers at your old school did not look super-cute and put together all the time?! 😉

    Well done momma!

  • Harley May says:

    You’re all so sweet. Indeed, she didn’t want to take it off when she got home.

    And Casey, the mothers at my last school were the cutest EVER. I miss them.

  • Penelope says:

    I love your stories. You make me smile and laugh and nod my head. Thank you for that.

  • I like the little pilgrim costume so much, also the story. Thanks to share your thanksgiving experience. I have make costume for thanksgiving occasion. Thanksgiving costumes varies from traditional pilgrim dress to a wearing a turkey costume. These costumes inculcate the feeling of the occasion, making it more colorful.

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