Of Bieber, Ballerinas, and Ball Gowns

October 12, 2011 § 9 Comments

Friends, I started a new job. A job at a ballet company.  Despite my obvious charm and grace (cough), I have NO BACKGROUND in the ballet world. What? You’re shocked? I know. Not every girl has the ability to trip over flat surfaces like I do. Fortunately for the ballerinas and their parents, I wasn’t hired to impart ballerina wisdom. I’m an attendant to the dressing room, lackey to the ballet teachers and office staff. To be honest, I LOVE IT.  

The little girls are adorable and too funny. They bless me with the dearest hugs. The itty bitty ones still think I’m a ballerina and that I should dress in a leotard, tutu, and tights. Since I refuse to that, they ask that I work in a ball gown. People, I happen to have a red ball gown in my closet. I’ve been waiting for an excuse like this all my life. Maybe for Halloween. *fingers crossed*

There is a dark side to the world of ballet. No, I’m not referring to Natalie Portman and her Black Swan. I speak of The Bieb.


That’s right. Justin Bieber looms in the hearts of far too many ballerinas and I’m often subjected to their renditions of his music. 

To each their own and I’m not bashing the guy’s entrepreneurial skills. The ballerinas are allowed differing taste than mine, but while I’m on duty, I’ve implemented this rule.

If they can get through the entire season without singing another Bieber song, I’ll get them all a PONY.*

*An ice cream party

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