Ermas and Mommy Outings

September 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

I’ve got another essay up at An Army of Ermas, The Growth of Motherhood. All of the Ermas are brilliant humorists. Two of my favorites pieces on there are I Married Peter Pan by Stacey Graham and nOObs and Boobs by Beth Bartlett. Please poke around the site (really, we like poking) and check out all the other Ermas.

In my essay I talk about how I’ve changed as a mother. I love being a mom, but do enjoy the occasional Mommy Outing. I went on one such outing this past weekend to The Kings of Leon and Black Keys concert. Honestly, I went solely to see the Black Keys. I’m a huge, huge fan.

The few Kings of Leon songs I’ve heard on the radio are okay. I used the word “meh” with a friend on twitter to describe them. “Meh” meaning what I’ve heard didn’t make me want to print out the song and attempt to butcher the music on guitar myself. The first songs they played I’d never heard of and they were phenomenal.

 And the Black Keys. Oh, there were hair whips. I’d love to see them again headlining a smaller venue. There are only two members in the band and it works beautifully with Patrick Carney on drums and Dan Auerback on guitar/vocals. Oh my gosh. I want to roll up in that man’s voice and take a sultry nap.   

Before I left for the concert, my friend came to pick me up (my husband isn’t a really a fan of either band so he opted to stay home) and my five-year-old daughter, quick as a whip, knew what was going down.

“You have on make up and a fancy shirt. YOU’RE GOING ON A MOMMY OUTING,” she accused.

This alerted my two-year-old and the tears started. They ran toward me and the door.


I always want to cry when they do this. I kissed their faces before they could get a good hold on my legs and execute Operation Cling. I pushed my friend out the door, forgetting the camera.

“Should we go back and make sure their okay? You could get the camera?” my friend asked.

“NO! That would make it worse. It’s best to just leave everything behind.”

So I don’t have any pictures. Major sad face. Here is a song by them instead (It is on the Eclipse Soundtrack and they don’t have a music video for it BUT LISTEN TO THE MUSIC FOR IT IS AWESOME). Have a great Friday!

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