The couple that Facebooks together…

August 30, 2010 § 11 Comments

…provide great entertainment for the rest of us.

I have friends in real life. It’s true. Cute friends. Crazy friends. Funny friends. I don’t see them enough. This makes me sad.  

Earlier today I got on facebook to reply to a few messages and saw an exchange between another couple my husband and I know and love. They are precious and I asked if I could put the “conversation” on my blog. They foolishly agreed (mwuhahahaha). To protect their identities, I’ll give them fake names. We’ll call them Purt and Catricia.

It would seem that dear Purt got sick and downed a good dose of Nyquil. He then decided to write on Catricia’s wall while very drugged up. Here is what Purt wrote verbatim:

Purt: Hi

Purt: Howdy

Purt: Awesome

Purt: Wow

Purt: Nice socks.

Purt: I like soap

Purt: You are cute

Purt: You are cooler than ice cream

Purt: Summer is hot

Purt: Are you a Victoria Secret model?

Purt: If you www a debt then I’d be a collector.

Purt: If you were a shark and you bit me I would not hit you on the nose

     (Catricia comments: No more shark week for you)

Purt: If I were batman then you would have to be the joker be I made you smile

Purt: I you were a dream I you be in a wheelchair because I would not want to trip because falling in a dream makes you wake up

Purt: I hope at some point today you say the word tree because although I’m not a tree hugged by nature I do think they smell bad and that makes me laugh

Purt: I like homer. Not because he is yellow but because his wife has blue hair. And one day we will be old and have blue hair. Actually my hair will probably fall out so you will be the one with blue hair.

Purt: I just realized that the reason I never sing ” you are my sunshine” is because if we ever moved to Seattle then we would never see you and that would be bad.

Purt: You remind me of a crazy uncle I knew growing up. Not because you look like a boy but because he smelled like like a girl. That scared me.

Purt: I’m tired.

Purt: And I’m seeing things.

Purt: I wish there were a like button on peoples profiles. Not because I feel like I need to tell you that through facebook but because then I would know who to expect Christmas presents from this year.

Purt: If I were at a resturant and ordered you off the menu, I think I’d rather have you deep dried than grilled. I couldn’t bear to think about you on an open flame.

My family and I should hang out with this couple more, but only when Purt is sick or on Nyquil.

Nyquil and facebook equals awesome.

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