Numb by Sean Ferrell

July 28, 2010 § 14 Comments

After reading Sean Ferrell’s Fulton prize-winning short story, Building an Elephant, I became an immediate fan and was thrilled to win an ARC of his debut novel, Numb.

The story follows an amnesiac man, Numb, who can’t feel any pain. He leaves his life in the circus for New York City to find answers about his past. Numb’s ability draws attention from a talent agent and he becomes a bit of a celebrity.

While Numb is not sure of who he is, his need to know, to live, and to succeed is endearing and evident. I could not turn a page without rooting for him and adored his quiet during the chaos. I ached through his mistakes and rejoiced in his triumph.   

This book made me smile. It made me uncomfortable. It made me think. Numb is everything I want in a novel and Ferrell’s subtle nuances are artfully woven throughout. Reading these small, quiet moments amidst absolute insanity grounded me to the text. It made me stop and pause. Numb is a novel worth soaking in and I look forward to reading all of Sean’s writing in the future.

I so loved it, I wanted to share it with the world and thought of a contest where three lucky and creative people can win a signed copy of the book. If you cannot wait for the contest results to know whether or not you’ve won, you may order it here.

The following photos are my re-enactments of three scenes in the book.

We have a man engaged in a lion fight.

We have someone hammering a nail through their body for profit (I’m still waiting on my $5, Sean).

Finally, we have a man on fire.

You are charged with recreating your own interpretation of these scenes. You may use any medium: photography, clay, pencil drawing, pipe cleaners, whatever. If you do not have the time to create your own masterpieces, I give you permission to Photoshop/doctor/paint on my photos.


Put yourself or anyone else in a cage with a lion.

Drive a nail through any part of your body.

Light anybody on fire.


Put these photos on your blog, announce the contest and leave your website in my comments section.

If you do not have a blog and still want to participate, you may email me your creations. Please, wear clothes (unless your name is Tawna Fenske). I do not want to gauge my eyes out from my own giveaway.

Be creative.

Have fun.

Sean Ferrell will pick the most creative/amusing re-enactments and the winning photos will go on my blog. I will also provide links to the websites of all who contributed. The contest will end midnight, August 11.

Now, go and be amazing.

(If you want to read a sample of Sean’s writing, I recommend you check out his Building An Elephant story. I dare you not to love it. DARE YOU. You won’t be able to do it)

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