Caption Contest Winners!

May 20, 2010 § 9 Comments

I will never do a contest like this again. Reason: you are all brilliant and it is too hard to pick a fovorite. Solution: I had Trish pick. Cowardly of me, I know.

She chose the following winners:

Penelope – “The giraffe only ate three bites of peas, not four as instructed, and will be banished as such.”

Sean – “I think the giraffe was caught necking.”

Cynthia – “Why, it’s obvious from the unrepentant stare of the giraffe. He smart-mouthed your little princess, and she had to put him in time-out. She’ll rescue him before the train comes again, because she is the princess and in control of the universe.”

Would the three of you please put your first, second, and third book preferences in the blog comments. Penelope gets first choice, Sean gets second, and Cynthia, you get whatever is left. Sorry. Please email me your addresses. If you do not want me to have your address, then you do not get a book.

Great job everyone and thanks for playing!

§ 9 Responses to Caption Contest Winners!

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