Caption Contest

May 17, 2010 § 8 Comments

My daughter is four. Together we do silly things. We play dress up, drink tea, make up silly stories about unicorns, shadow puppet theater, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I will hand her the digital camera (I know. It sounds like a great way to break a digital camera) and let her take photos of whatever she wants. I end up deleting a lot of pictures of her stuffed animals, my toes, blades of grass, and her little brother’s boogers. Today she handed me her Barbie Princess and told me to hug it.

“Hug it harder,” she said. This is what resulted.

The other day I found this photo and laughed for 20 minutes.

I wondered what happened to the poor giraffe and what he’d done to deserve such a punishment. I’m curious to hear other people’s ideas and have decided to host a contest. It is my first. Tell me in the comments section what the giraffe did.

The top three entries will get their choice of these books:

The Space Between Us by Thritty Umbridgar

Going Bovine by Libba Bray (it is somewhere in my house and unavailable for a photo)

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

You have until Midnight Wednesday. Have fun!

§ 8 Responses to Caption Contest

  • Laurie says:

    I too was curious what the naughty giraffe had done, but then I quickly realized he was not really in trouble. Your daughter must be following in her mom’s footsteps and be working on a book – she needed to visualize the scene for her chapter which required a bad guy to be put on the tracks awaiting his death. However, your sweet daughter knew that she couldn’t hurt a sweet innocent giraffe (though she needed his assistance) and this is clued into the photo viewer in 3 ways: First, the giraffe is being held in a soft binding – not harsh handcuffs of steel. Second, the giraffe’s binding is red – a color which shows off his beautiful yellow neck. Third, the giraffe is bound to the tracks in the kitchen – the most popular place in the house – assuring his safety (someone is bound to find him and save him if necessary) should the train arrive before your daughter has a chance to complete her photo session for her book. Thus, the giraffe is Not Guilty 🙂

  • isleswriter says:

    Your daughter wisely noted that this giraffe was on the wrong track. She knew that tough love was the only answer. He’s back on track.

    Until the train comes.

    Respectfully submitted by Lucia

  • Why, it’s obvious from the unrepentant stare of the giraffe. He smart-mouthed your little princess, and she had to put him in time-out. She’ll rescue him before the train comes again, because she is the princess and in control of the universe.

    And The Kiddo has been playing with my digital camera since she was four, with no ill effects — except for waggling eyebrows that almost come unhinged on adults who think 4 y.o.’s shouldn’t play with cameras.

  • Penelope says:

    The giraffe only ate three bites of peas, not four as instructed, and will be banished as such.

  • Sean says:

    I think the giraffe was caught necking.

  • Megan says:



    Why, WHY did I spend last night watching the last Law and Order on the DVR instead of reading to my children?

  • I missed out on the contest. :O But I stopped by to look at the cute pictures.

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