Best Day Ever?

May 13, 2010 § 13 Comments

1.) Go to work.

2.) Go to traffic court to pay a ticket. (Seven-year-old unbuckled his seat belt in the back of the van. He leaned over the back seat to get something and a police car was behind us. He gave me $101 ticket. We could have paid for that online but wanted to fight the second ticket he gave me after I handed him an expired insurance card. Current one was somewhere in the car and I was looking for it. Frantic about it. He just told me to stop looking for it and gave me another $101 ticket. Mean. Not to sound ungrateful to police officers because we should have had our seat belt on, but I’d prefer it if he spent his time tracking down crack whores)

3.) Realize the traffic court location I drive to has closed.

4.) Go home and Google the other place because I do not have an iPhone with all the bells and whistles. (Hint hint for all my adoring fans. Mama wants an iPhone)

5.) Discover the only other traffic court is downtown. LOOOVE driving downtown. Parking problems, one-way streets, construction, typical downtown.

6.) Go downtown during naptime.

7.) Push double stroller through security in the courthouse.

8.) Stand in line with two kids.

9.) Misunderstand lady when she says there will be a $3.49 credit card fee to be $349 credit card fee.

10.) Make lady laugh with my expression.

11.) Pick up seven-year-old from school late. Very late.

12.) Go home. Do homework.

13.) Get phone call from Husband. He will not be able to leave when he wanted to and will I please pack his bag for him.

14.) Pack his bag.

15.) Husband comes home. Help him pick out a tie appropriate for a funeral.

16.) Take Husband to the airport and give him hugs and kisses.

17.) Listen to four-year-old cry when Daddy leaves. A lot.

18.) Stop at the mall rather than drive home in bad traffic.

19.) Eat.

20.) Play in the playtown.

21.) Go home, bathe kids, put younger two to bed.

22.) Try to finish homework with seven-year-old.

23.) Listen to him cry.

24.) Bribe him with a frog hunt after he finishes.

25.) Watch son finish sentences in record time.

26.) Go on a frog hunt. It’s dark.

27.) Put oldest to sleep

28.) Walk in bedroom.

29.) See tie left on bed.

30.) Write blog post.

§ 13 Responses to Best Day Ever?

  • daryl Sedore says:

    Wow. What a day. You seem to be handling it well. At least writing it out is a kind of therapy.

    Here’s hoping tomorrow will be smoother.

  • Laurie says:

    Is that all you can fit in your day? Come on girl, you need to pump it up a bit!!! Did you at least get the extra $101 waived after your huge efforts to get to the courthouse?
    And where is step #31 that says called husband to tell him to go buy a tie
    Hope you can make your next day more adventurous 🙂

  • Erin says:

    The term “Wonder Woman” comes to mind. You truly are. I feel awful for you! May your Friday be MUCH better!!!


  • Aw, Harley! Hope this day is better.

  • Shadow says:


    So sorry your day was lousy. Tomorrow will be better, much better hon.


  • Penelope says:

    Oh, I just adore you. You’re an amazing wife and mother. *Hugs*

  • harleymay says:

    Thanks everybody. I slept hard and feel better now.

  • Patty says:

    Oh, I have sympathy pains for you… Sending you virtual hugs and virtual cocktails with a hot bubble bath. You deserve one.

  • Sean says:

    What an inspired post! Brilliant! It was a stroke of genius that put this here.

  • harleymay says:

    Thanks, Patty. I’ll take those virtual, hugs, cocktails, and bubble baths.

    Sean, stroke of genius it was.

  • Kristen L-M says:

    I need a drink just reading about that day. That is just the Leaning Tower of Suck right there.

    Also those are the days the kids usually come down with some stomach virus. At midnight. Kids never start throwing up in the middle of the day. Only at midnight. (I seriously hope that is not what’s awaiting you tonight.)

    • harleymay says:

      Hi Kristen, thanks for commenting. All this happened yesterday. Fortunately, the midnight throwup fairies passed me by. We did have a gastrological disaster to trump all other disasters today. I won’t go into the diirrrrrrty details, but in a word, “EW.”

  • e.lee says:

    sounds like the perfect day, as in the Lou Reed song

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