I Neglect Thee

April 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

My poor little blog,

 I’ve ignored you and for that I’m sorry. I repay you with an annoucement of my unfaithfulness for that other blog. An Army of Ermas? Yes, that one. I wrote something for it. Boys Fart and So Do I: A Tomboy’s Guide to Dating. Kind of. I know. I know. You are too good to always be here for me when I think of you. But to be fair, I’ve been sick and then there is the tennis and the edits. You understand.  I owe you some sweet, sweet HTML loving.



§ 3 Responses to I Neglect Thee

  • Oh my, Harley. How you do make me laugh. I’ve really struggling to see you as a tomboy. Truly. I would have seen you with a purple pen most days. But, you will have to teach me how to fix up a moped someday. And then perhaps show me how to ride it.

  • Sure, we can be friends. But somebody else better start writing on Cruel World or I will take it over and the hell with Dr. Spock or whoever he says he is and your cute little picture accessments [sic]. So long as I’m not the degenerate junkie, I’ll learn to speak Spock or Elf or whatever the hell you’re talking about. I went from a horrible person to a not-so-horrible person without the aid of Dr. Drew. What a success story. Stay humble. Stay wicked. Just do us all a favor, eh? WRITE. You’re good and I want to see more. Challenge me.

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