A Love Letter for Mercedes

February 22, 2010 § 13 Comments

Mercedes M. Yardley

I’d get to know that name if I were you. It’s an exquisite name if you ask me. What’s even more endearing is the girl behind the name. What’s more shocking still is that she’s my friend.

 Wait, there’s more. Mercedes was invited to write a short story for an anthology by John Skipp. She’s over the moon about it and understandably so. All this is crazy enough. Really. Wrap your head around it. The last anthology Mr. Skipp published featured the fabulous authors Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, and Jack Ketchum. I mean. Wow. Think about it.

Here’s another kicker (and this one knocked me out, quite honestly) she wrote me into her story. A character in the story is based on me!

Mercedes emailed me earlier today giving me permission to announce it (because I’ve had a hard time sitting on this one) with the instruction, “tell people that you’re fabulous and wonderfully snarky and since I NEEDED some snark, I grabbed you and dragged you kicking and screaming into my story.”

Well, if you insist, Mercedes, I will tell them. Head on over and lavish some love on this delightful, petit four of a creature.

Thank you, Mercedes. You will be a wild and beautiful success and I cannot believe that you’re my friend. I love you, my kindred.

§ 13 Responses to A Love Letter for Mercedes

  • Simon says:

    Did you just call Mercedes a small, sweet confection-type treat? ‘Cause, when I think of her, several things come to mind, but not one is something you can buy in a bakery.

    I already left a W00T on the good lady’s blog, but I’ll leave one here, too, since you’re written into the story. W00T! There ya go.

    Just… very cool news all round. This calls for shots…

  • Mercedes says:

    I shall print this letter out and sleep with it under my pillow.

    Seriously, I was at a loss until I threw us together in a story. That’s when it clicked.

    We should do novels. Seriously. 😀

  • Carolina says:

    Oh wow! Very cool. Big congrats to Mercedes. And a giant W00T W00T to you! I live for the day someone will write me into a story (and not kill me off).

    By the way, I left an award for you at my blog 😉 You totally deserve it. And so does Mercedes. Except I don’t know what her blog is. she deserves like a big shiny gold badge that says, “I’mmmmmmmm AWEsOME!!” What an amazing honor.

  • Teresa says:

    OH! Very exciting and fun. I’m way out of the loop lately and this is fantastic news.

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  • Lawyer from up north says:

    Does one really go kicking and screaming someplace she wants to go?

  • That? Is totally awesomely amazing!!! 🙂 How cool is it that you have your very own character in a short story!?! Just think, someday, bored teenagers could be sitting in a class, reading the short story and how it was based, in part, on you! You could be a high school Lit test question someday. You could totally cause someone to fail Lit class and, therefore, fail High School…gee, that would kind of suck, wouldn’t it?

    Okay, back to the squeeeeeing part of the story….squeeeeeee!!!! (stupid kid should have studied harder anyway).

  • Mercedes says:

    Yes! Mechanical bulls! And we should wear pink feather boas!

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