How to Tackle PTA Uber Moms

November 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Yesterday was crazy. I packed and loaded up the car with kids 2 and 3, then went to the oldest’s Stone Soup day at school. We left straight from there to pick up the husband and trek our way to the Thanksgiving place. The first and second grade dressed like pilgrims and Indians and made Stone Soup, which tastes like feet, in case you’re wondering, as their Thanksgiving party. When I got there, the first grade teacher pulled me aside and pointed out a second grade uber mom.

“Today is her birthday. We are preparing a suprise and cake in the other room. DO NOT LET HER OUT OF THIS ROOM,” she said.
Being an uber mom myself (eye roll) I can appreciate showing another mom thanks and took my job quite seriously. I felt like a snake eyes super agent spy. (My life is boring and I have to make it interesting somehow. DON’T judge me) Then I started to wonder how I would detain her if she did try to leave. Would tackling her be too extreme? What would be a good explaination for tackling her?

“I cannot get enough of your perfume.”
“Man, that eye liner is amazing. ”
“They’ve got really nice carpet at this school, don’t you think? Here..feel.”
“There was a bug….I had to get it.”
” I really like you, can we be friends?”

The spy in me didn’t let a scenario go by. I felt adequately prepared for every outcome but she stayed put…like she should. I’ve probably freaked her out now.

§ One Response to How to Tackle PTA Uber Moms

  • Casey says:

    If only I’d have known what was going on behind those crazed eyes at the time! I would have concocted a reason to make her to leave the room. That perhaps could have gone down as the greatest (or at the very least weirdest) 1st grade Stone Soup day in history… in my book anyway.

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