Things I Learned at the U2 Concert

October 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

1.)    U2 got paid. I’m just saying. Raymond James Stadium on Friday, held 70,000  people. Supposedly more people than were at the Superbowl. Here is the stage they built for the concert


It was 90 Feet High. The cyldrical video screen in the center weighed 54 tons. According to the BBC News the cost of each stage is from $24 million to $32 million. It take 120 trucks to cart it from show to show. It was an incredible production.

2.)    Muse didn’t play nearly long enough. I would’ve paid what I did JUST to hear them. They were awesome. I just wanted more.

3.)    When sitting next to people who start smoking marijuana, try not to look guilty when the police take them away. I have my Southern Baptist upbringing to blame, er thank, for this. I don’t lie well at all and hate getting in trouble. If I do something wrong or am in the vicinity of wrong-doing it’s all over my face. I’m desperately afraid of trouble by association. Especially since I don’t know how the police saw them. The pot smokers and I were cordial and they offered me some, which I politely declined. All this worry was completely unnecessary. I try not to judge, but as they were being taken away I couldn’t help but feel like they wasted an already awesome experience. So, stay in school kids. Don’t do drugs. All that stuff.

4.)    I went with a friend and her boyfriend, who is Scottish. Scottish people are very difficult to understand. At the end of the evening I’d figured some of it out, but overall, for both being English languages, there was a language barrier. They do say lovely things I’d never think of like “We’re going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow.” Who wouldn’t want to hear that?

5.)    Scottish people get really excited when they meet other Scottish people and are even harder to understand after that.

6.)    A group of girls a few rows behind us were going crazy for Bono. I mean like, crazy. We didn’t have the best seats, but they reached for him as though they were on the field. At one point I thought they were going to throw their panties at him. I’m not saying he’s not awesome, but he’s like the Pope of Rock and Roll. You don’t throw your panties at the Pope. I don’t care who you are or what you believe in, it’s just wrong.

7.)    When walking back to your car with your friends after the concert, don’t step in a bed of fire ants.

8.)    Don’t whine about stepping in fire ants.

9.)    When your friend’s Scottish boyfriend (who you already have trouble understanding) says, “ Efood ike, Ai cood eave yu overme oulder an curry ou the est oo e ay?” Don’t just nod and act like you understand. What he said was “If you’d like, I could heave you over my shoulder and carry you the rest of the way?”

Now if you’re like me, you might envision Gerard Butler in all his 300 glory carrying you as though you weighed nothing more than a twig. This was not quite so chivalrous. It was more like, “Let’s see how dizzy I can make her as this great exodus of people watch as I spin her butt around in the air.” Not nice. Funny? Maybe. But not nice.



Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I’d do it all over again, pot paranoia and all.


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